Genesis Private Equity ‘Genesis’ is thrilled to announce the appointment of Leandra Fitzgibbon as Partner, taking a senior role in assisting Genesis in identifying, investigating and investing in high-quality NZ-based small to medium enterprises.

Prior to joining Genesis, Leandra practiced law for 13-years including 18-months in the United Kingdom. Most recently she was a Partner with the highly respected Ashburton firm Argyle Welsh Finnigan.

Her expertise includes commercial, trust and property law.

Leandra is also interested in governance roles and is Chair of Community House Mid Canterbury Charitable Trust.

Genesis Executive Director Nathan Mills says bringing Leandra into the team is a key milestone for the business.

“Not only does Leandra bring an additional skill-set to the business, but as importantly, it brings thought and gender diversity to the team which is extremely valuable when considering potential investment opportunities”.

“A key to successfully recruiting Leandra was Genesis providing flexible working hours and work/life balance, enabling Leandra to spend more quality time with her young family”.

Genesis is currently investing its vintage 2016 Fund, having made four investments after considering ~ 190 businesses over 2 ½ years.