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About Us


Genesis Private Equity Limited ‘GPE’ was established for one primary purpose and that is to realise the business potential of New Zealand businesses we invest in through the provision of equity capital combined with our commercial experience and networks. GPE is a private equity firm founded by Executive Directors Kieran O’Hagan and Nathan Mills in 2015, after a combined 40+ years in the financial services industry.

Over the last few years, Kieran and Nathan increasingly identified a number of opportunity sets where a combination of equity capital and commercial experience at a governance level would enable businesses to realise their potential.

Two of the significant opportunities that have been identified are as follows;


As confirmed by a recent Grant Thornton study*, 60% of domestic SMEs are owned by people over the age of 50, and 23% are owned by people over the age of 60.

Therefore as business owners seek to sell some or all of their shareholding, opportunities will emerge for GPE to acquire an ownership stake, whilst providing additional commercial experience to assist the business in realising its objectives.


It is generally understood that small to medium sized businesses have higher revenue growth than larger counterparts.

At a point in time, fast growing SMEs reach a stage where they require additional equity capital to both maintain a prudent capital structure and realise their high growth business objectives.

GPE can assist such companies where in addition to equity capital, they are also seeking complementary skills at a board level.

As a consequence of identifying both the above and a number of other opportunities, Kieran and Nathan set about establishing GPE, which is the only private equity firm based in the South Island open to wholesale investors.


*Grant Thornton (2012), Business Advisor, Summer 2012, issue 47