• Investors



GPE investment partnerships are exclusive to ‘Wholesale’ and other excluded investors (under Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013), as follows;

All GPE investment partnership structures provide certain unique features and benefits including the following:

  • Being the only private equity firm based in the South Island open to wholesale investors we are able to draw on our extensive proprietary networks to maximise the flow of investment opportunities
  • Investors retain anonymity from the general public, so your investment will remain confidential to you
  • For taxation purposes, all investor returns flow directly to the investor’s specific investment entity, ensuring maximum tax efficiency
  • Through the Limited Partnership investors will have ownership in a portfolio of SME’s, enabling individual investors to own a share in larger enterprises than they would normally be able to do so
  • Investments will be professionally sourced and managed by GPE to mitigate investment risk and maximise return on investment
  • Interests associated with Directors of GPE invest alongside other investors therefore ensuring risks, goals and rewards are aligned

We invite wholesale investors to contact Executive Directors Kieran O’Hagan, Nathan Mills and Leandra Fitzgibbon for a confidential discussion to determine if our investment opportunities meet your specific investment objectives.